Aiming for Excellence

Help medical professionals and students prepare for the Australian Medical Council – Multiple Choice Questions

AMEX Established in 2013, we are the pioneer center in the Philippines that offers a bridging course for the
Australian Medical Council’s Step 1 examination

Amex Review Center

Before AMEX started, Filipino doctors were faced with the reality that review courses and exams for all physician registrations were only available in Australia. With this, doctors were faced with the circumstance of large expenses for airfare and accommodation, on top of review tuition fees and examination charges. In the advent of the availability of the Australian Medical Council Multiple Choice Questions (AMC-MCQ) Step 1 examination here in our country, AMEX began grounded on the purpose of service to fellow physicians. Driven by the desire and passion to give culture-appropriate education on the Australian medical practice.


As a review center whose identity is rooted in the purpose of service and medical academic excellence, we are committed to:

  • Help medical professionals and students prepare for the Australian Medical Council – Multiple Choice Questions (AMC-MCQ) examination by providing a comprehensive and systematic review program.
  • Effectively familiarize the international medical professionals with the current Australian Medical Standard Practice; its similarities and differences as compared to other foreign countries like the Philippines, by formulating different case scenarios commonly encountered in Australia.
  • To train and prepare to its smallest details, the medical professionals/students with the examination techniques that by and large, would lead him/her in choosing the right answer to a specific complicated question.
  • To give valuable advice on topics of various subjects that need focus on


Our goal is to be the first in the country to set-up a well-equipped review center for local and international medical professionals that could expertly bring to its highest state, their level of global competence, mental preparedness, and good holistic values that are vital to lay a solid foundation in reaping a consistent high mark rating in the Australian Medical Council Multiple Choice Questions (AMC-MCQ). The consistent value is to be an institution that spells out Integrity and Excellence in our field of endeavor.

Students and Graduates

Our students are local and/or international graduates of the Doctor of Medicine, who wish to practice the profession in Australia. These doctors are hungry for advanced studies that would equip them with the skills and concepts necessary to have a high ranking in the AMC-MCQ. We strive to produce graduates who have excellence in analytic and critical thinking, as well as are up-to-date with the ever-continuing process of medical information and patient care.

Faculty Competence; Materials and Methods of Teaching

Our lecturers are licensed physicians who have passed the AMC-MCQ exam. They impart knowledge based on mastery of concepts and are advice-ready in relation to their own personal experience in the examinations. The course is mostly made up of lectures, trial exams with feedbacks, and discussion of patient case scenarios. Students are also given handouts that are constructed based on recommended AMC resources, as well as current local and international guidelines. Classes are highly customized, biased on the needs and relevance with the changing difficulty of topics. The environment is also facilitative in such that both the student and lecturer are learners, forming a partnership that is interactive and efficient.

Course Curriculum

The review course is offered four times in a year, or, one schedule for every quarter of the year.

An entire review schedule consists of an intensive 8-week program. Resources are given every Mondays to Saturdays. The content of the review is closely patterned to the content blueprint of the AMC-MCQ.

Adult Health (Adult Medicine and Surgery)

Women’s Health (Obstetrics and Gynecology)

Child’s Health (Pediatrics)

Mental Health (Psychiatry)

Population, Community, and Aboriginal Health

Legal Medicine and Ethics

Pretest, Post test & Batch Qbanks

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