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Australian Medical Council MCQ Batch 33



Jan 23 - March 15


What Will You Learn?

High-yield concepts following the subjects stipulated in the AMC-MCQ blueprint, namely: Adult Health (Adult Medicine and Surgery) | Women’s Health (Obstetrics and Gynecology) | Child’s Health (Pediatrics) | Mental Health (Psychiatry) | Population, Community, and Aboriginal Health | Legal Medicine and Ethics

Material Includes


Our course coordinator (Dr. Ysa) is ready to answer all your questions.

Course Curriculum

The review course is offered four times in a year, or, one schedule for every quarter of the year.

An entire review schedule consists of an intensive 8-week program. Resources are given every Mondays to Saturdays. The content of the review is closely patterned to the content blueprint of the AMC-MCQ.

Adult Health (Adult Medicine and Surgery)

Women’s Health (Obstetrics and Gynecology)

Child’s Health (Pediatrics)

Mental Health (Psychiatry)

Population, Community, and Aboriginal Health

Legal Medicine and Ethics

Pretest, Post test & Batch Qbanks


Have any doubts about Amex? Here are some frequently asked questions  that should answer most of yours.

IMG Pathways other than the STANDARD

I am already a specialist. What if i don’t want to go through the Standard Pathway?



Should i be a practicing physician here in the Philippines in order to get a registration in Australia?

What Student’s Say

Our goal is to be the first in the country to set-up a well-equipped review center for local and international medical professionals

Janneth Villarama The mentors were very hands-on

I am very grateful to AMEX review center. The mentors were very hands-on, knowledgeable and gave useful tips and strategies on how to approach the MCQs. They’re all very supportive and encouraging, too. All in all, I would highly recommend AMEX.

Kim Mendoza They were able to shed light

AMEX started their online course to address the needs of students during the pandemic. They were able to shed light to me and my batch mates who didn’t want to postpone our dream of wanting to work as a doctor in Australia. You will not go wrong with AMEX as they provide hardcore discussions on theories as well as completely detailed recall questions to supplement your review sessions. Thank you, AMEX, for giving us the opportunity to reach our dreams not even a pandemic can stop!

Danielle Martinez I would Highly recommend AMEX!

AMEX was just the preparation I needed for the AMC MCQs. Our mentors were very helpful and approachable. They gave us not only tips for the exams but also tips on how to tackle the entire AMC process. The review center also provided us handouts that contained the australian guidelines we needed to study that really helped during the examination process. Overall, I would highly recommend AMEX!

Nephritery Joy Espiritu AMEX is the Best

AMEX provided a good structure in how I should prepare for my AMC MCQ exam. They provided reading materials and assisted us in understanding the whole australian medical exam process. If you’re like me before who had no idea how to start with the exam process, I recommend you enroll at amex At the end of the review, not only that I knew already what to do and which materials to read, I also gained good friends which will hopefully be my companions when I settle in Australia.

Kristen Therese Whaley Highly Recommend

I highly recommend AMEX Review Center to those planning to take the AMC MCQ Exams. Prior to the course, I had no idea how to apply for the exams, what pathway I should go to and did not know what to study or how to prepare for it. They have prepared us with all the things needed in order to pass the MCQs, from handouts, ebooks, discussions, quizzes, recalls and firsthand experiences. All the mentors are approachable and very eager to help us in all our queries, even after the course itself. I’m always grateful to be part of this growing family.”

Demmie Marie R. Fermin High Yield Topics

AMEX provided discussions of high yield topics that guided me a lot in my review process. They were very helpful with all my queries regarding the overwhelming AMC pathways. AMEX is also a perfect avenue to create network and support groups.

Janine Verdejo Useful tips and strategies

Very grateful to AMEX for teaching us not only the essential lectures needed but also the very useful tips and strategies in answering the MCQs. The teachers and coordinators are very supportive too. You’ll never feel alone in this journey to the land down under.

Bimi Calderon Highly recommend

I highly recommend the AMEX review course for the AMC MCQ! This was actually the second time i took the MCQ, i didn’t review the first time, but I should have! Thank you so much AMEX and all the staff for helping me through this! Will definitely refer my friends to you guys! Thanks again!

Tiffany Maranan Highly effective

AMEX Review Center has its own way of cultivating their products into excellency- I must say it is highly effective to me. Thru the provided lectures and well-guided rationalization of recalls, I virtually embraced the Australian culture somehow. In addition to that, I encountered my supporting network which was so valuable from preparation to acing the examination. I cannot thank you enough for these, AMEX. Godbless.

Julia Villalva Helpful since Day 1

Amex review center has been helpful since Day 1, even before you enroll to the class. The lecturers/administrators are approachable and friendly. They will clarify the steps for the different pathway, give you lectures and handouts that would guide you in passing the MCQ exam. Also, it’s a great avenue to meet different people with the same goal. And if you’re lucky enough, you’ll find some really good friends in class (I did) hehe

Ermin Cabanela Highly Recommend!

A must-do if one wishes to take the AMC exams – allows one to brush up on the principles of medicine, while giving it a uniquely Australian perspective. And the constant question-and-answer sections keeps the students on guard. The lecturers also give a view on the non-medical aspects of Australian life. Highly recommended!

Timi Dureza For sure without AMEX, I wouldn’t have made it.

We’re used to taking exams – as a med student, being a resident, we’re always always always taking important exams. But this one was really the hardest of them all! For sure without AMEX, I wouldn’t have made it.

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